Monday, June 22, 2009

Worst Interview of All Time

This is bad. Really frickin' bad. And you know who's at fault here?

Not Rajai Davis - his job is to play baseball, which he' least not horrible at.

Not his agent - sure, there's some media training in order here that clearly has never been provided, but I'm sure the kid isn't exactly being attacked by an army of reporters on a regular basis.

No, my friends, the fault here rests with the completely incompetent NBC Bay Area news team. Raj, you were assigned a two-minute segment. You had all of batting practice to record a scripted monologue and find one player who could actually complete phrases like "Last time they swept us, but that's in the past" or "Today we just need to go out there and play ball." ....THAT'S IT.

And this crap is seriously what you, as a professional reporter, came up with? I can't believe MSM even tries to argue that bloggers can't "report" on sports because of their lack of access, when THIS is apparently what access gives. Awful...just awful.


DMtShooter said...

I'd bet money that the reporter got pissed off with the player, and decided to give him the rope to hang himself. This was intentional.

Also, having covered a number of sports... baseball players are, pound for pound, Teh Dumbest. (Your best interview? Hockey goons. Seriously, they're always the best teammates and easiest quote.)

sportsb*tch said...

Hmm...I don't know about that one. Can't really see that guy as someone who would piss off a reporter. Just seems clueless and uncomfortable, so I can't understand why anyone would want to throw him under the bus like that.

You're probably right about baseball and hockey, but in my (limited) experience the best quotes have come from O-linemen. Those dudes are hilarious and will tell it like it is.